Website Hosting

Now that you have a brand new website, it needs somewhere to live!

Our Just A Website hosting servers are just the ticket.  We offer affordable website hosting and handle all the fiddly updates and maintenance so you can concentrate on running your business.





Per Month +gst

Web Hosting Basics

Website Updates

Regular system updates and maintenance for your website platform is included in your monthly hosting fee.

We manage the techy stuff so you don’t have to!

Backup Protection

All website servers are backed up daily for peace-of-mind.

So if the server your site is on explodes in a fiery death, we have a spare copy of your site ready-to-go.


SSL Certificate

Let your clients know that your website is secure (the green padlock in your browser).

Some Search Engines penalise sites for NOT having an SSL, so we include them as part of your hosting package.


Where's the Jargon?

We got rid of it.  Our Just A Website hosting is perfect for our Just A Website customers.  Don’t get bogged down comparing stats you won’t use.  If you really want to know please get in touch.

Let's Get Started!

Keen to get the ball rolling?  We have an easy step-by-step online form to get you started.
Submit the form and our friendly team will be in touch to get your new website underway!

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Want to know more about having a Just a Website built for you?  Contact our friendly team.  We are here to answer any questions you may have.

Cheap - Not Ugly

Saving you from a cheap and trashy website

Don't buy a lemon

Say "No" to template websites without flexibility!