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We’ve removed the guff so you are only paying for what you want.

Attractive Websites

Designed by ACTUAL designers.  Cheap websites don’t need to be ugly!

Adaptable Websites

Our sites have the flexibility to evolve as your online needs change.

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Sweet & Tasty Options

Single Page Websites

All the rage these days in our scrolly-scrolly world.  We’ll design an attractive One Page website if you don’t have heaps of content about your business.   Rock the single life!

From $499+gst

Multi-Page Websites

You gotta lot to say don’t ya?  Well a Multi-Page site will give you the room to get your talk on. We start with a proven foundation and you can add as many pages as you like.

From $799+gst

Not all businesses want, or need, a high-end website packed full of bells and whistles.

After decades of building bespoke websites chock full with features, we’ve created Just a Website for clients who simply want an attractive online presence – sparkle without all the costly sprinkles.

Why do YOU need

Just a Website?

Loren Says:

“I don’t have time to add new blog posts, portfolio pages and content to a website and don’t want to pay someone else to do it.  So, for now, I just need a website that looks great.”

Mike Says:

“Business is going great so I’m not looking for a website to generate more.  But I realise that I still need a website to maintain customer confidence in my business.”

Nadia Says:

“I plan to have a more complex site later on but I’m still building my business for now.  So I want a website that looks really pretty which I can expand on later as I grow.

Bevan Says:

“Extra bells and whistles like SEO content writing, Google Analytics, interactive forms or portfolios just aren’t in my budget right now – but I still want a cool looking website.”

Design & Layout

Great Design

There’s “web design” and then there’s “web design”.
In much the same way as owning a pot does not make you a chef, having access to web tools does not make you a web designer.
We have a proven design and marketing background.  So when we say “web design” we mean web design.

One Page Sites

Don’t be put off by the name.
A One-Page website is not necessarily a tiny website.  It can be almost as packed full of content as a Multi-Page website, it’s just formatted differently.  These are super popular for businesses who want to appeal to mobile users.  After all, who has time to flip between pages?  That’s like totally 2015…

Multi-Page Sites

Yep, it’s the standard platform.  Tried and true and definitely the best option if you have a lot of content to split up.  We start with 4 custom designed pages and add more as you need them.
We also tailor the content to suit the different screen sizes of mobile devices to maintain optimal view experience.  Super sweet.

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Keen to get the ball rolling?  We have an easy step-by-step online form to get you started.
Submit the form and our friendly team will be in touch to get your new website underway!

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