Custom Built Websites

Just like business people, businesses come in all shapes and sizes with different looks and different needs.

This is why we custom design all our sites from scratch, to suit our clients’ business brand and requirements!

On a Budget?  Bank on beauty!

Who has money to throw around these days? And websites, sheesh! There are so many options and so much techno-jargon! So many prices.

What do you choose? What do you need?

Well, probably not a lot, functionality-wise at least.  So we say invest that website money in an attractive website.  A website is a representation of your business and a marketing tool.  So don’t spend your hard earned moolah on a trashy site.

What makes a Website attractive?

There are a lot of ways to make a website attractive.  And by attractive, we don’t mean by adding some “pretty” elements.  We include page layout structure and an adherence to the company brand.

Here are just some of the basics:

  • Formatting the page structure so it is easy for visitors to navigate the content.
  • Creating a flow of information that keeps visitors engaged with a page.
  • Laying out content in a hierarchy so that the most important info is the most noticeable and offering additional information in secondary and tertiary roles.
  • Making sure the visual design of the website ties in with the customers company brand.  In cases where the brand may be out-of-date or unsuited to online display, to include design nods to the brand without compromising the aesthetic of the website.
  • Including visual “breathing space” and “breaks” within the pages so that visitors are not overwhelmed with content.
  • Ensuring any stock imagery incorporates an emotional feeling relating to the page and incorporates design aesthetics that relate to the brand and the business.
  • Creating mobile friendly websites with custom layout formatting so mobile uses have an optimised experience.

There are many more design and marketing factors involved.

Many of these basic ideals cannot be met using cheap pro-forma web templates.  Our custom webpage builder combines graphic design and marketing experience giving us the tools to create truly individually tailored websites for our clients.

For more information about website design, get in touch.  We’d be happy to talk you through our processes.


Like what you see?

This website has been built using the same techniques, tools and processes that we use for our Just A Website customers (as well as for more technical websites too!)

Unlike some companies, we are not using a premium website to flog off trashy websites to our customers.   Everything you see on this site (and more) is available to all our customers.

What you see is what you get.

Ready, Set,

Want to know more about website design and what we offer?  Keen to get started?  Then get in touch, we’re ready for you!

Design Elements

Brand Colours

If you already have an established brand, you want your website to relate to it.

We take colour samples from our client logos (or other brand elements) and create a colour palette that is attractive to view and helps guide your website visitors to the important parts of your website.

Page Layout

Page layout is very important when designing websites.  The layout helps guide the visitor through the content allowing them to focus on key areas and prompt them to take action, like getting in touch about a sale.

Our powerful page builder lets us create page layouts from scratch to best suit your content.

Responsive Design

It is critical that your website be easy to view on mobile devices, not only to ensure potential clients can view the content, but to also meet search engine requirements.

We test and hone each page to ensure it suits smartphone and tablet viewing.


Fonts & Headers

The fonts on your website need to tie into the look of your business brand to help create a cohesive feel.

Where possible, we will endeavour to use the same fonts that you currently use in your logo or other branded material such as stationery.

Stock Photos

Don’t panic if you don’t have any suitable photos for your website.  We have access to thousands of professional, affordable Stock Photos online.  We can select images best suited to your site.  Once you have approved them we will purchase the licenses.



Our page builder allows us to jazz up your static pages by adding some animated transitions.  These help pages feel organic and engaging.  Animated transitions are included in your design price and are not some expensive upgrade!

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