One Page Websites

The perfect starting point for anyone wanting an online presence, OR a hip new format for people wanting to appeal to mobile users!  Whatever your reason for wanting a One Page Website we’ll make sure it looks fantastic.

We start with a good foundation of basic features but you can always add more!




One Page Website

What’s included



Introduction Section

Text which entices the visitor to view the rest of the content by referring to areas of interest.

Services Section

Describing what it is you have on offer.  This is the juicy meat-pattie (or veggie burger if you prefer) of your website.


About Section

Let the visitor know something about you and your business. This is great for creating a rapport and highlighting your expertise.

Contact Form

A custom built contact form to help visitors get in touch.  This form emails you the details so you can follow-up.  Includes Anti-Spam checkbox.

Image Header

There is nothing quite as nice as a large, full width image to greet a visitor.  Well, maybe a slice of cake.  But we include a full width header module with the website.

1 Stock Image

We include a Stock Image (valued at $29+gst) with every site for use in the header, background or any other area where a high quality image will be handy.


Top & Bottom Menu

Even though your site has only one page, we still include menus that shuttle the viewer to the relevant section of the web page.

Call To Action

A suggestion to the visitor that they get in touch regarding your products or services.  A great way to convert leads.


Back-to-Top Button

Great to have on a long scrolling page.  This helps visitors navigate the site by appearing on the right hand side near the scroll bar.

Your Logo

We add your company logo to the main header area.  This will be sized to suit and we offer 4 different design formats.


Brand Matching

Your site will be themed to match with your brand.  We take care to create a pleasing palette based on your brand colours.


Web Fonts

We have hundreds of web fonts available and will pick the ones best suited to maintain conformity with your current brand.


Custom Design

One Page scrolling layout hand designed from scratch by experienced web designer.  No pre-made templates or shortcuts here!

Responsive Design

Your page will be tested and designed to function on mobile devices (smartphones & tablets).


Adaptable Platform

Your site is built on a robust and flexible platform allowing for future upgrades.  Whether new content, additional pages or new features – your site can adapt.

One Page Website

Optional Extras

Google Map - $29

Make it easy for customers to find your business with a responsive map.  Works on desktop and mobile devices.

Stock Images - $29 each

Additional stock images can be purchased if required.  They are a great way of adding quality imagery to your site when you don’t have your own available.

Social Media Links - $29

Add links to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter accounts plus all the other popular social media platforms.

Banner Slider - $49

An attractive way to add some top-page advertising.  Helps direct customers to other relevant areas of the page.


FAQ Section - $49

Great for answering customer questions and getting them engaged with your business.

Testimonials Slider - $49

Scrolls through a series of testimonials from your previous clients.  Good for building confidence with potential customers.

Gallery Section - $99

Perfect for showcasing your services, products or work.  Includes resizing your images so you only have to supply the originals.

Deluxe Form - From $99

Need a more complex form?  Questionnaire?  Service request or work sheet?  Deluxe forms designed to suit.  Comes with anti-spam checkbox.

Logo Update - From $199

Is your logo out-of-date?  Do you not have access to a good copy?  Maybe it just doesn’t look great online.  We can rebuild or refresh it to suit.

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