All about Just a Website

How are we so awesome?  Why are we so affordable?  What is the catch?

The catch is… there is no catch!


The Team

We have over 20 years experience in Graphic Design, Print Design and of course, Web Design.  This allows us to create websites that look great and work well.

Over the years we’ve watched the web industry evolve.  The tools and resources available to developers today are amazing compared to what we started with.  These resources make building websites quicker and easier, allowing us to focus more on the functionality and design and less on the nuts and bolts.  Creating attractive, complex websites has never been easier or more enjoyable.

So why start Just A Website?

Over the years it appears that about 20% of all our clients have really just wanted a very basic website.  As the internet has developed, the need for extra functionality and integration within websites has become more important, so that is what many web developers concentrate on.

With developers focused on the big web jobs it leaves the clients with small web jobs at the mercy of cowboy developers looking for a quick buck.  Unfortunately, this often results in the client receiving a clunky, ugly website packed full of errors and no money to fix them.

We started Just A Website so that clients who don’t have the need for a complex website can still receive a high standard of workmanship and design.

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& Adaptable

No time for website wrangling?

Hey, you may have heard all about the need for SEO and content updates.  How about Google Analytics and split-testing?  The point is these features all exist for a reason but are you going to use them?

We’ve trimmed out all the extras so you are not paying for what you won’t use – only for what you will use.

Don’t worry if you might want to add these in the future – we have that covered too!

All about them



Just A Website is designed for clients who don’t want bells and whistles.  We don’t want to sell you extra features you won’t use.

This is why we start with just the basics:

  • About your business
  • What you have to offer
  • How customers can contact you

Any additional information or pages can be easily added.

We use a streamlined page builder system which makes our page building quick and efficient, saving you time and money.




Many budget web businesses do not employ designers.  Instead, they use pre-paid templates which they simply cut-n-paste their customer content into.

These templates offer very little flexibility of design so little consideration is given to the customer’s brand or content needs.

We custom build every page from scratch to a design that best suits our customer’s business look, marketing requirements and marketplace.

Just because a website is cheap, doesn’t mean it has to be ugly!



What happens if your business is growing or you realise some of those bells and whistles you didn’t get might actually be great to have?

No problem!

Just because you are paying for a “cheap” website does not mean it’s using cheap methods.  We use exactly the same systems to develop our Just A Website sites as we do for our more advanced websites.  So if you ever need some premium features your website can easily be adapted.


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